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Which Polander said this

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You never know how things are going to turn out. I went downtown yesterday for the sole purpose of doing some photography in and around the Chicago Art Institute and got sidetracked by the Polish Constitution Day Parade.

Sidetracked 7

The parade, in honor of the Polish Constitution of May 3 1791, is an annual event in Chicago and is the largest Polish parade outside of Poland, drawing thousands of people who come to celebrate their national heritage. The sight of all those red and white flags flying in the breeze drew my attention away from the job at hand and I wandered off down Columbus Drive to see what was happening.

sidetracked 4

There was an added air of excitement in the crowd, the event following so soon after Pope John Paul’s canonization and indeed this seemed to be the theme for this year’s parade.

sidetracked 2

Almost everyone, spectators and participants, wore red and…

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There’s a Poland Caucus?

With the assistance of a translator they said, they are hoping for Oscar :oops:  :arrow: that’s why the secret police informer bio has a hope in the title :roll:

Who else was there? The film’s star Robert Wieckiewicz (who pulls off Walesa’s moustache pretty well); Polish ambassador Ryszard Schnepf; and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a member of the U.S. Senate Poland Caucus. (There’s a Poland Caucus? Who knew?)

za pomocą Lech Walesa cracks jokes — in Polish.

Multiple government agencies in Poland knew of road salt in food since 2003 – CNN iReport

2. Poland is a significant food exporter. Considering an immense scale of this fraud, it is highly likely some food products exported from Poland within the last 10 years have been contaminated with unedible industrial salt containing dioxins and heavy metals.

via Multiple government agencies in Poland knew of road salt in food since 2003 – CNN iReport.

People in Poland are afraid that this carcinogenic salt is likely to be present in everything they eat. After all, it wasn’t just a bag of the stuff that was sold. Reports estimate that three Polish businesses have been buying some 1000 metric tons of “road” salt a month over a period of 10 years and selling it as edible salt.