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Which Polander said this

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#OccupyWallStreet: real-time results on Twitter


CitizenRadio New #CitizenRadio: Reporters funded by ‘Vulture Capitalist’ smear #OccupyWallStreet, Karl Rove VS. Koch brothershttp://t.co/k4PM4MBE #ows

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UncleRUSH I am hearing about a potential showdown at #OccupyWallStreettmw. I am offering to pay for the clean-up of the park to avoid any problems.

Nasza Klasa – Polish social networking site is more popular than Twitter

I am not so sure yet if that collaborative blog is OK – I just found it.

It was particularly interesting – even for me – to see how many people, including my uni friends, distant family members etc., have ended up in the UK. For various reasons – some have well-paid jobs as GPs in areas where there are doctor shortages, others work for PR agencies, others still came for a year or two to work in temp jobs.

It would be good to see what percentage of those using Facebook and/or Twitter are also Poles living in the UK.

via Nasza Klasa – Polish social networking site is more popular than Twitter | the POLSKI blog.