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MYOB mr Mikke

Another Polish wise man advising Americans on what to do. A fresh American blog by Mikke a man of noble birth. Perhaps it should be called a blog about Mikke? Or maybe blog of revelations? Will it surpass any plays of Shakespeare? Guess what – nobody would listen to him in Poland so he decided to go global. “‘In 1933 a man called Adolf Hitler had seized power in Germany. He had promised “The Change”.'”

Anhalter said…
Mr JKM, please, please write something about Jews, Masons, gender differences, etc. Like on your Polish blog. Americans will love it!

Blog of Janusz Korwin Mikke.

November 05, 2008
America has opted for McCain

This choice does not provide a specific reason Americans – Mr Jan McCain is not the hero of my dreams. Under his leadership the United States firmly would limp for four years.

However, the Americans chose lesser evil – because Mr Barack Hussein Obama is a man highly dangerous. For the entire world – but, above all, for Americans.

Member title surprise this – like this entry was WRITTEN 10 hours ago, convinced that, however, in spite of everything, mr McCain win? No, no – I know the outcome of the elections. I say that America has chosen mr McCain.

Because for me, as always underlined, “America” is not today’s United States, with huge bureaucracies, state interference in everything, and a number of years, drastically reducing personal freedom. For me, “America” – this is from the nineteenth century: the federation rule of law, free market and huge personal freedom. Countries in which no one has been imagining even in their head, that Congress can, for example, tell people to assemble in private coaches some protection against falling for example … Or restrict the right to possess weapons.

But then in America, in which the Constitution was introduced 17 popsujek (called the newly-speaking “corrected”), which przerobiły republic on the d *** krację – the right to vote shall not have:

a) the inhabitants of the district of the capital (in the District of Columbia, bastion bureaucracy, p.Obama received 92% of votes!)

b) women (and now you understand why the Red so depends on the active electoral law for women?)

c) Black (of course, on the occasion: As you can see, these are extremely rasiści)

d) the youth to 23 years of age (young people aged 18-23 years supported the mass-Mr Obama – because of its told that the same “fighting racism” on the occasion of curiosity: Mulaci are large, racist – and disassociate ourselves from blacks, as can!).

In the other, real, America only those had the right to vote, which produced national income – that is, White males in at least middle-aged. Even without taking into account that, in addition to the need to have to live within the borders of the state of a number of years (different in different states!) – And pay tax election – it looks like you (I’m not sure, because the calculation done in the eye) that even at present, catastrophic, the state of public awareness Mr Barack Hussein Obama did not receive a single electoral voice .

Sapientii sat.

Janusz Korwin Mikke – blog oficjalny – Onet.pl Blog

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5 Lis 2008 Ameryka wybrała McCaina. Ten wybór nie świadczy o specjalnym rozsądku Amerykanów – p.Jan McCain nie jest bohaterem moich marzeń.
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November 10, 2008 1:15 PM

Polish-American Agenda – 2008

(1) Withhold Assistance from Poland: Stop all economic and military support to this self-appointed “America’s most reliable and trusted ally” until Poland completely resolves its shameful historical legacies, such as clinging to the property stolen by its Nazi and Communist governments, criminalizing the refusal to serve in its Communist military, or imposing its Communist citizenship on Polish Americans.

(2) Political and Government Appointments: Carefully review known ethnic activists (including, but not limited to, Polish Americans), who seek such positions or security clearance, with regard to their allegiance to foreign countries, in particular their past activities as unregistered agents of foreign influence, acceptance of foreign decorations, and/or undeclared usage of foreign passports.

(3) No Visa Waiver for Poland: Refuse to eliminate the Visa requirement for Poles traveling to the US for as long as possible. Resist political pressure from client governments attempting to compromise the integrity of our immigration system by demanding special treatment such as ignoring our visa rejection standards, artificially lowering visa rejection rates, or replacing national criteria with those based on EU membership.

(4) Research & Development (R&D) Cooperation Agreement: Negotiate, sign and implement an R&D Cooperation Agreement between the United States and Poland to increase mutually beneficial opportunities for cooperation and exploration into sustainable and renewable energy of horse-drawn carts and cow dung, willow wicker basketry, and other technical and scientific areas of research and development.

(5) Base Realignment: Carefully review any military commitments to Poland in the context of that nation’s pro-Russian sympathies and its long-time Communist allegiance, as well as its parasitic attitudes and the deviousness and malice ingrained in the Polish national character.

(6) Prevent Contracts for Polish Firms in Iraq: The Iraqi people have suffered so much that it would be cruel and unusual punishment (as well as adding insult to injury) to impose on them the low quality goods bearing the mark “Made in Poland”.

(7) Reform of the Extradition Law: Extensively reform the extradition law so that it recognizes that evidence presented by corrupt foreign governments (such as Poland’s) cannot be trusted to meet our fundamental legal standards and be used against American citizens to deprive them of their rights. Refuse to accept all extradition requests for American citizens from such countries until they meet some predefined minimum standard for the rule of law.

W Temacie Maci – wtemaciemaci.salon24.pl: “Polish-American Agenda – 2008”