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You never know how things are going to turn out. I went downtown yesterday for the sole purpose of doing some photography in and around the Chicago Art Institute and got sidetracked by the Polish Constitution Day Parade.

Sidetracked 7

The parade, in honor of the Polish Constitution of May 3 1791, is an annual event in Chicago and is the largest Polish parade outside of Poland, drawing thousands of people who come to celebrate their national heritage. The sight of all those red and white flags flying in the breeze drew my attention away from the job at hand and I wandered off down Columbus Drive to see what was happening.

sidetracked 4

There was an added air of excitement in the crowd, the event following so soon after Pope John Paul’s canonization and indeed this seemed to be the theme for this year’s parade.

sidetracked 2

Almost everyone, spectators and participants, wore red and…

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It can be a butt wipe

In mid-February I went to the visa to the Consulate in Montreal. Kasprzyk Consul refused, offering to buy me a Polish passport. I expressly told me also, what he thought of my Canadian passport: – It can be a butt wipe for us has no value – the consul said, waving my Canadian passport. At the announcement of my complaint to the ambassador, the consul said that the ambassador Grzeloński is his friend, and I do not have to Ottawa after every ride.
I didn’t went to Ottawa, but I wrote a complaint (about the visa regulations and behavior Kasprzyk Consul). In response, I received a dry, an official letter stating that the case does not govern the issue of visas to foreign ministry, but the law of the Sejm, and the consuls are obliged to carry out the laws. Grzeloński Ambassador also informed me that the consul Kasprzyk is known to him on the business matters.
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The School for Leaders

A Story


Kevin! Where are ya? Come over here. Your mom brought you these

clothes. Go ahead and put them on. We’re gonna go to the Polish church

and you’ll sit in the front row for this Polish Government delegation

that we should greet there.

Mom! What the hell is this? A pajama or what?

Calm down, Kevin. It’s a Cracoviak suit.

Yeah, but look at this stupid funny looking hat? Ain’t gonna put no

outfit like that on me, no frigging way mom! What will Jenny and Josh

say if they see me in this? Mom… why do we have to do stuff like that?

What’s wrong with us?

I promise you, this is gonna be the last time. See, I signed up for

this stupid leadership course in Poland. Your grandma was Polish and I

just thought I’ll see the place she came from and I’ll have a free

vacation in Poland. They paid for everything. But now, I guess, it’s

time to pay for my stupidity. Nothing’s free. They keep dragging me to

these meetings with these dumb Polish politicians and so on. Plus your

father has issues at work. They signed a contract for making something

for the government and his boss told him they’ve seen me meeting with

these politicians from Poland, so now they are afraid of giving your

dad a security clearance or something like that. See Kevin, we have to

move to the other city. They’ll transfer dad to their other plant for

less pay where they make something less important. Somewhere at the

East Coast or he can look for a job himself.

Oh no, mom! That’s too much! This shitty clothes and moving yet? I

won’t see my girlfriend Jenny anymore. Now, this is too much! I know

you asked me many times not to swear, but fuck this dumb Polish crap!

Fuck it!

Ok, ok, Kevin. They won’t find us after we move and we’ll be normal again. Put these clothes on…

2009-05-26 00:55

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Descendant of Polish ancestor

The official information on how descendants of Polish Nationals
proceed to firstly confirm citizenship and then secure a passport is
given below.

If you wish to pursue the matter further I suggest you contact me
directly at consul@…




Please kindly note that to obtain a Polish passport by a descendant
of Polish ancestor it will be necessary for an individual concerned
to apply for confirmation of Polish citizenship.


The application forms which you can get in the Polish Consulate
should be completed and supported by three passport size
photographs*, a signed biography of the person applying for the
confirmation, her/his identity card (ie. Passport along with
Certificate of Naturalisation or Certificate of Registration, Travel
Document, Alien Registration Certificate), the original of the birth
certificate in its extended version (showing the details concerning
both parents), in case of women marriage certificate, marriage
certificate of parents, as well as signed and dated declaration to
the effect: whether the person concerned did acquire foreign
nationality, and if so when, and: did the person concerned approach
Polish authorities with a view of being released from Polish
citizenship and if so when, where and with what result.

It is also necessary to produce the originals of the Polish birth or
marriage certificate of the Polish ancestor as well as birth and
marriage certificates of ancestors born outside Poland linking you
with the ancestor born in Poland.

All paperwork needs to be prepared in Polish language only, and an
initial fee of 30 GBP should be sent with all the documents prepared.

Please kindly note, that all foreign documents of vital statistics
should be produced in the original form. All paperwork needs to be
prepared in Polish language only. Please kindly note that the
documents of vital statistics require to be translated into Polish.
This should be done by a sworn translator only. The documents issued
outside Poland require additional confirmation by the Embassies of
the issuing state and the Foreign Office, before being accepted by
this office.

Please kindly note, that this office reserves the right to request
additional documents and information where necessary and to
introduce additional fees when applicable.

Polish as well as British law on citizenship provides for a dual
nationality although in certain professions authorities of both
countries require for an individual concerned to hold only their

Please kindly note that according to Polish law, Poland as the place
of birth of individual only under limited conditions is a factor
which determine her/his eligibility for Polish citizenship.

Please apply for the required number of sets of forms.

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American Passports in Poland

And herein lies the world of difference between the First World and the
Third World.

Outbound passport control in Poland is a function of the state Border
Guards, who may at any time disallow your exit, until such time as you
jump through such hoops as the Polish Government may demand.

(For example, until you get a Polish passport, if the Polish Government
arbitrarily decrees they will let you out only on a Polish passport;
presumably also until you grow a beard, should the Polish Government
decide that all travellers must wear a beard).

Outbound passport check by an airline in the US or Canada is designed to
verify your admissibility at destination, in order to protect the
airline company against the trouble and expense of flying you back
free of charge (under the International Civil Aviation Organization
inadmissible passenegr rules) to wherever you came from. The US
Government would not dream of impeding your exit unless there is a court
order or an arrest warrant against you.

The difference between the rule of law in the US and the authoritarian
state rule in Poland is in the practical enjoyment of your
theoretically guaranteed rights. While no one would dream of depriving
you of your freedom of movement in the US, a Polish border guard may
demand just about anything from you, and your recourse against such
actions is extremely limited in practice.

So, if you are a Polish-American travelling on an American passport, you
might not be let out of Poland despite being clearly admissible to the
United States. The Polish Government, in its infinite wisdom, believes
that you should have paid them handsomely for the issue of a Polish
passport and reserves the right to punish you for not doing so. Since
its their sovereign territory, they can do what they like. So can
Guinea-Bissau, Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, North Korea, Libia, Syria,
Iraq and many other places where no sane person goes, unless they have
an extremely pressing reason to do so.

via American Passports in Poland – soc.culture.usa | Grupy dyskusyjne.

Compulsory Citizens of the non-conscious kind

So, you were born outside of Poland, elsewhere in the world. But at least one of your parents or grandparents was Polish. You’ve never been to Poland – hell, you can’t even speak the language. Well, guess what? You’re a Polish citizen! And next time you travel to Poland you’d better have a Polish passport, or you could be in trouble with the law!!

Sounds absurd? It certainly does. But it also happens to be true. Yep, buddy, matey, pal, old chum – in the light of the current Polish law, you’re a Polak too. I know you hate flaczki (tripe) and you can barely stand the smell of Old Grandpa Jozek’s bimber (moonshine). It matters not. You’re a Polak.

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