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There’s a Poland Caucus?

With the assistance of a translator they said, they are hoping for Oscar :oops:  :arrow: that’s why the secret police informer bio has a hope in the title :roll:

Who else was there? The film’s star Robert Wieckiewicz (who pulls off Walesa’s moustache pretty well); Polish ambassador Ryszard Schnepf; and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a member of the U.S. Senate Poland Caucus. (There’s a Poland Caucus? Who knew?)

za pomocą Lech Walesa cracks jokes — in Polish.



Molonia Today Online

Quite often an unsuspecting reader would stumble upon a fake polonian site and wouldn’t recognize it for what it is – a mole of a Warsaw fifth column. I am not saying that all links below lead to the moles – I am stating THAT IS REALLY HARD TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN sites taking name Polonia in vain AND the real Polonian sites.

The Polonia Portal

Straight from Warsaw

Dear Chief: On 20 September I held another talk with Secretary J. Czyrek.

As far as the “Roundtable” talks are concerned, we

have agreed on the following:

1) The main “Roundtable” will number 50-70 people.

2) Individual teams will have about 20 people each,

and their compositions may change as the need arises.

3) There will be 5 teams (union, systemic-political,

economic, social pluralism and agriculture), and an

additional sixth “table” will be operating in Katowice (on

mining and matters related to that region81 ). Secretary

Czyrek didn’t agree to set up a separate table for dealing


Letter from Andrzej Stelmachowski

to Lech Wa»“sa,

1 October 1988.

Michnik and Brzezinski


Democracy: Traps and Question Marks
3 December 2009, 4:00-6:00pm Reception to Follow


Adam Michnik, political activist, founding member of the Committee for the Defense of Workers, member of Poland’s first non-communist parliament, and Editor-in-Chief of Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland’s largest daily newspaper, will deliver a talk entitled Democracy: Traps and Question Marks.


The Honorable Zbigniew Brzezinsky, National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter will provide introductory remarks.

via Polish-Global-Village : Message: Wilson Center: Michnik and Brzezinski.



Brits still in the dark

It was there that Solidarity, a highly effective civil resistance movement, sat down at a round table with communist officials and hammered out a transition to free elections and a multiparty democracy. After Solidarity then went on to win the June 1989 elections, it provided the basis for a new government, formed in August, headed by a non-communist prime minister. Such a transition away from Communist Party rule had never happened before.

via Adam Roberts: The peaceful revolution of 1989 – Commentators, Opinion – The Independent.

Timothy Garton Ash: Poland has made a humiliating farce out of dealing with its red ghosts | Comment is free | The Guardian

Red Ghosts Haunt Eastern Europe by Eric Margolis