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6/7/2004 Canberra: Poles-A-Part

Polish Historical Institute in Australia, in conjunction with The Canberra Museum & Gallery, have just opened an exhibition on the settlement of Poles in Canberra & surrounding regions. Their transformation from refugee, displaced person, émigré and veteran to Canberra citizen – from their arrival in 1948 to the present.

The exhibition will explore the waves of Polish migration to Australia; their routes, settlement and contribution to Canberra and surrounding regions. It will take a look at what is most de……więcej->>

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24/6/2004 Polish student wins prestigious scholarship

Polish doctoral student Janusz Tanas was recently awarded the Professor John Bailey Scholarship at the Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship (AGSE), Swinburne University, Australia. This full-time doctoral scholarship is worth approximately $23,886 per year for up to three years.

“Janusz had very strong academic credentials and work experience all over the world, but it was his research application that won him the scholarship,” said Chris Christodoulu, research director at AGSE. “I’ve been involved……więcej->>

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9/6/2004 SBS’ apology not accepted

It seems more and more members of the Polish Community have not accepted the apology offered by SBS TV in regards to the scandalous term “Polish death camp”, used in reference to Auschwitz. Here is the response issued by the Polish Community Council of Australia President, Dr Janusz Rygielski:

Mr. Phil Martin
Director – TV News and Current Affairs SBS
Locked Bag 028 Crows Nest
N S W 1585

Dear Mr. Martin,

Thank you for your letter dated 27 May regarding the item on the ceremony at t……więcej->>

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7/6/2004 Tiananmen Square, 1989

The night in Tiananmen Square
Hope and tension are on their faces.
No fear is seen, no horror.
They don’t know what’s going to happen.
They don’t know their destiny yet.
We, TV-news watchers, comfortably sitting in the safe homes,
We don’t know either.

What are they waiting for?
For freedom, for acceptance of human rights ?
For gesture of understanding from Red Methuza…


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7/5/2004 Freedom, Democracy & The American Way
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15/4/2004 Theatre: Notes from the Underworld

The latest original work from Theatre Dwa Konie (pron. dva konyeh) uses physical theatre and song to explore concepts of light and darkness, good and evil, arrogance and faith. In “Notes from the Underworld”, a self-assured pilgrim descends to confront the source of the world’s moral corruption, only to undergo a transformation of his own.

Various notions of the Underworld – from pre-Christian to biblical, taken……więcej->>

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14/4/2004 Cocktail Reception with Gosia Hill

SP-IN STRATEGIC PUBLICITY INFORMATION NETWORK (under the auspices of The Australia Poland Business Council Inc) is pleased to invite you to a Cocktail Reception for Mrs Gosia Hill, Senior Trade Commissioner (designate) in Warsaw.

This is an excellent opportunity to personally meet the new Head of Austrade in Poland and establish direct contacts to assist you in your future business dealings in Central Europe. Mrs Hill’s general area of managerial responsibility extends beyond Poland.


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7/4/2004 Warsaw: KARTA Center Exhibition

At the end of April we (KARTA Center Foundation in Warsaw) are opening an exhibition, which is (also) devoted to western support for Poland during “Solidarność” period and the marshal law. Australia was also among these supportive countries. There were at least manifestations of support in Canberra, as far as I know and many smaller activities.Could you please help us to find source materials, especially photographs, posters, leaflets (their are the best for the exhibition -better than press articles ……więcej->>

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23/3/2004 Israel’s next target

Israeli security spokesman, Mr Shalom Ariel-Tracy-Sharon-Sue-or-some-other-girl’s-name, informed the world today that the Palestinian militants have developed a new secret weapon, which threatens the existence of the Jewish state – the deadly and deceptive Carlos – the Death Hamster. Mr Shalom also confirmed that the highly dangerous rodent was the next intended target for a “preemptive” missile attack. In an interview for th…
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7/3/2004 Beware the Woman Hitler !!

There’s some serious fun to be had when you rearrange the letters in certain words or phrases. The results can be amazing. Below we have published some examples, but our favourite is this: change the letters in “MOTHER IN LAW” and what do you get? WOMAN HITLER. Well, ain’t that the truth !! :-))

The trick is to use all the letters in a given phrase, so that there are no letters left over. You also must use every letter ONLY ONCE!! It’s not that easy, but it’s worth it. :-))))

See if you can come up wi……więcej->>

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