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Polish Air Force One

A footnote for those who do not read Polish

On 10 April 2010, the Polish Air Force One, a Tupolev Tu-154M, fin number 101, crashes near Smolensk, Russia. All 96 on board die, including the President of the Republic of Poland and the First Lady, Polish military chiefs of staff, members of Parliament and senators, the chairman of the central bank […]

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Welcome to INDECT

Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment

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On Governance, Reign and Breams – the Vilification of Polonia

On Governance, Reign and Breams – the Vilification of Polonia


No one with a grown-up experience of life in Poland under the Communist rule should have the slightest difficulty in recognising propaganda techniques used today to demonise the global Polish diaspora, collectively known as Polonia. We had once known this surreal, Orwellian newspeak quite well, as a so- called “propaganda of success”, at its peak in the late 1970’s. No Communist apparatchik would be without it then, just as no Polish politician would now, for this crude mixture of agitprop, stick and carrot delivers unprecedented social control.
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Proponuję batożyć

Współcześnie z fulminacjami min. Sikorskiego z 2001 roku na temat braku checi perfidnych Jankesow do uznania boskiego charakteru Polakow poprzez zniesienie wiz turystycznych, proponowalem wprowadzenie op�ocz 100 dolarowej opłaty granicznej, również przywitania granicznego w postaci 25 batów dla każdeg oywatela amerykanskiego przybywajacego do Polski (kobiety i dzieci – 10 batów). Continue reading Proponuję batożyć