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There’s a Poland Caucus?

With the assistance of a translator they said, they are hoping for Oscar :oops:  :arrow: that’s why the secret police informer bio has a hope in the title :roll:

Who else was there? The film’s star Robert Wieckiewicz (who pulls off Walesa’s moustache pretty well); Polish ambassador Ryszard Schnepf; and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a member of the U.S. Senate Poland Caucus. (There’s a Poland Caucus? Who knew?)

za pomocą Lech Walesa cracks jokes — in Polish.


Cheating in Chess

In the meanwhile, we need to make it clear to potential cheaters that the traditional rules of law enforcement still apply: you can rob a few banks, but if you make a career of it you’ll end up drawing attention and end up full of bullet holes. Fraud detection constantly improves over time and, with statistical analysis as a tip-off, we’ll be watching you very carefully — uncomfortably so. As they say, you’ll draw heat. And when we do catch you, there will be retroactive hell to pay. Doesn’t sound like a career plan, does it Lance?

via The Crown Game Affair « Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP.

How to Create Folders on iPhone

There is no help on Apple site for new users of an iPhone. You have to look for it elsewhere.

via How to Create Folders on iPhone.

How to Use the iPhone.

Overall Comprehensiveness:
1) The Missing Manual (iPhone: The Missing Manual) – Covers from the tech in the phone to multiple ways to do almost everything
2) My iPhone (My iPhone (Covers iPhone 4, 4S and 5 running iOS 6) (6th Edition)) – Maybe a touch less tech coverage than The Missing Manual, but not by much
3) iPhone 5 for Dummies (iPhone 5 For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech)))- A reasonably comprehensive guide that doesn’t bog down in tech detail and covers fewer ways to do things than the missing manual
4) Teach Yourself Visually (Teach Yourself VISUALLY iPhone 5 (Teach Yourself VISUALLY (Tech))) – just a how-to usually one method per function
5*) iPhone 5 for Dummies for Seniors (iPhone 5 For Seniors For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))) – A moderately distilled version of the dummies book with more focus on “senior specific” topics

Nice mistery linking, mr questchess. Why don’t we use a Press This!


In the following link kindly provided by one of the readers – wychodzca- you can find all the iformation about Spassky : He is in Moscow and he explains what has happened during all this time. (You can also see: <Why Chess> Internet portal.) I thank you Mr. Wychodzca for his kindness.

I have been so surprised that I have nothing more to say  except that unless there is a major turn of events I will close here this matter . You can see the interview in the above mentioned Internet portal.


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