Echoes from Smoleńsk

Lech Kaczynski, the imperfect champion of Poland and the man whom the Leftist media most eagerly blamed for the catastrophe (citing his impatience to be at Katyń on time as the cause of the tragedy), may well be having the day of his legacy’s exculpation soon. As I have written here before, I am less suspicious of Russia than I am of the EU, but the lack of transparency in the investigation’s aftermath on Russia’s part is troubling. Then again, what should one expect given Tusk’s pathetic obsequiousness? In truth, I could as easily believe Tusk himself is responsible and was thus happy to let Russians investigate, obscuring whatever evidence that might bring Polish retribution on his empty head. 

However, the above musing is mere conjecture. All that can be said in truth is that too little is known about the crash, that Poland’s leaders behaved in a way no other nation’s government would have had its president and elite had died, that Kaczynski was the thorn in the side of the EU and Russia alike, and that the new evidence obscures the calumnious explanation that fog and a fussy president brought about the second tragedy of Smoleńsk.


via The Wild Tears Fall: Echoes from Smoleńsk: What Has Been Found.


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