Rafal Gavronsky

Saturday, August 14, 2010

In Warsaw, the abducted journalist, investigating the murder of Mr Kaczynski antiterrorist Russian FSB


Time of publication: August 6, 2010, 12:29

According to the Polish and Austrian journalists (http://smolensk-2010.pl/2010-08-05-rafal-gawronski-zaginal-a-wlasciwie-zniknal-w-lochach-wymiaru-nie-sprawiedliwosci.html, http:/ / birdflu666.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/polish-investigative-journalist-disappears-after-being-arrested /), July 30 in Warsaw, “disappeared” a well-known Polish journalist research Rafal Gavronsky after he was arrested by police about the cross in front of the presidential residence Bronislova Komorowski.

Speaker police said Gavronsky signed a document stating that he “did not want anyone to know where he is,” and was released in on July 30.

Since then, about him not hearing, nor spirit. Apparently, he once again was arrested immediately after the official release.

Gavronsky investigating the murder terbandoy FSB and its subordinate polshevikami Polish President Lech Kachtnskogo Second Katyn massacre and recorded interviews with eyewitnesses in Smolensk.

Gavronsky Komorowski and sharply criticized Prime Minister Tusk of their “investigation” of the crash near Smolensk.

Before returning to Poland, Gavronsky 25 years he lived abroad. He has been friction with the Polish government over the confiscation of his 70 hectares of land.

Case transferred to the European Parliament. However, in Poland, he was sentenced to 4 months in prison for “defamation”.

The disappearance of Gavronskogo after he was arrested by the police, occurred on a background of the struggle of the Poles with Komorowski for the right to have a cross in front of the presidential palace in memory of the murdered Polish President Lech Kaczynski for as long as the victims of the Katyn massacre Second there will be no permanent memorial in Warsaw transfers from Vienna, the famous Austrian journalist Jane burgomaster.

Meynstrimovskie media in Poland without a word said about the loss of Rafale Gavronskogo.

Polish journalists, meanwhile reported that a few days after Gavronskogo lost another well-known Polish journalist, Zdzislaw Raczkowski, who also denounced the killing of 96 Russian Poles near Smolensk in the Cheka attack 4 / 10: http://smolensk-2010.pl/2010- 08-05-rafal-gawronski-zaginal-a-wlasciwie-zniknal-w-lochach-wymiaru-nie-sprawiedliwosci.html

Raczkowski is neither phone calls nor e-mail. He owns located on a hosting site in the U.S. “Scams justice”, in which he wrote the truth about the second arranged by Russian Katyn massacre: http://aferyprawa.com/ His website is constantly being attacked from abroad, apparently terbandoy Russian Federal Security Service of Russia.

According to journalist Jane burgomaster, in many countries have adopted a secret “anti-terrorism law, allows you to secretly arrest any objectionable person and keeping him in prison without the notification of relatives, lawyers or relatives, and even allowing his secret murder.

Jane’s father – Professor of Law at the University of Vienna.

Monitoring Division


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