It can be a butt wipe

In mid-February I went to the visa to the Consulate in Montreal. Kasprzyk Consul refused, offering to buy me a Polish passport. I expressly told me also, what he thought of my Canadian passport: – It can be a butt wipe for us has no value – the consul said, waving my Canadian passport. At the announcement of my complaint to the ambassador, the consul said that the ambassador Grzeloński is his friend, and I do not have to Ottawa after every ride.
I didn’t went to Ottawa, but I wrote a complaint (about the visa regulations and behavior Kasprzyk Consul). In response, I received a dry, an official letter stating that the case does not govern the issue of visas to foreign ministry, but the law of the Sejm, and the consuls are obliged to carry out the laws. Grzeloński Ambassador also informed me that the consul Kasprzyk is known to him on the business matters.
Via Official Toronto.

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