Third Republic

The Round Table sucked communist mechanisms
into the structures of the Third Republic.

Chciałabym zrozumieć, dlaczego tak wielu moich młodych współpracowników w Polskiej Akademii Nauk i na uczelni, którzy mają trzydzieści parę, czterdzieści lat, tak łatwo akceptuje mechanizmy życia społecznego dysfunkcyjne dla demokracji i dla interesów naszej wspólnoty? Skąd się bierze narastające przyzwolenie na niedoskonałość demokracji?

via Nowe Państwo.


[Global Voices in English » Poland] Poland: “Still Divided”

By Veronica Khokhlova Raf Uzar summarizes the results of the first round of Poland’s presidential election and concludes: “What is really thought-provoking is the fact that after centuries of turmoil and upheaval, Poland is still a country divided.”

Veronica Khokhlova, 2010, June 24, Thursday

[Polandian] How to get on Polish TV

TVP’s Wiadomości (News) called me yesterday and asked if I could comment on the fact that England is to play Germany in the World Cup. I explained carefully that not all English people know about football or have opinions on it. They replied that time was short and I decided an on-camera interview might be […]

island1, 2010, June 24, Thursday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] All-red England are 90 minutes from emigration. So keep your

I was a rock journalist then, not a football reporter, and I was talking to Time Out editor Tony Elliott about an upcoming World Cup qualifier in Poland. Tony didn’t know much about football but he realised I was stressing, although the …

unknown, 2010, June 22, Tuesday

[Polandian] Polish-English Translation competition #5

Election fever is on the wane, things are getting back to normal and Polandian hits you with the next bi-weekly set of puzzling phrases. Learners of both Polish and English surely have reached, or are going to reach, a certain level of fluency in a foreign language where basic communication is not the main thing that […]

Bartek, 2010, June 22, Tuesday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] Getting Out of Palestine? | Pakistan Daily

Over the years, it has been receiving just that from many tens of thousands of Israelis, who have been emigrating from Israel, applying for emigration, or staying in Israel but holding or applying for dual citizenship. … Although the Israel lobby expressed particular outrage at Helen Thomas’ suggestion that Israelis go back to Germany and Poland, many Israelis have done precisely that. In his book, The Seventh Million, Tom Segev writes that man…

(Author ), 2010, June 21, Monday

[Polandian] English subtitle failure

This weekend I watched Dom Zły (The Bad House, also translated as The Dark House), a fabulous Polish film made laughable by its appalling English subtitles. Unless there is some hilariously ironic subtext revolving around a literal translation of the Bad House being full of bad translations, whoever commissioned this catalogue of errors should be […]

island1, 2010, June 21, Monday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Poland: Initial Microblog Coverage of the Presidential Elections

Both on Twitter and on its Polish mirror service,, people are sharing their thoughts about today’s presidential election in Poland.

Sylwia Presley, 2010, June 20, Sunday

[Polandian] Polish driving skills – or lack of them!

Make no bones about it there are many good drivers in Poland, the trouble is that there are at least as many bad ones and some of them are terrifyingly bad. What makes Polish drivers stand out as being particularly scary is a combination of speed, unpredictability, fragile control of the vehicle and a very healthy disregard for anyone else on or close to the road. Because of this, the only way to drive relatively safely in Poland is to assume eve…

scatts, 2010, June 19, Saturday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] polish emigration to paraná, brazil « bluebird research

Later many came from Galicia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and from such provinces as Lublin and Siedlce in Russian Poland (sometimes almost entire villages emigrating), for instance at the time of the so-called “Brazilian fever” of …

steve, 2010, June 18, Friday

[Polandian] Oddest photo in Polish history?

This photo was taken in Krakow in 1941, according to the notes that accompany it. The wartime date and the city are confirmed by the destination plate on the back of the tram: Adolf Hitler Platz was the new name given to the Rynek Głowny by the occupying Germans. That’s all clear enough. What I don’t understand is what the hell is going on here.

island1, 2010, June 17, Thursday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Poland-Norway: EEA & Norway Grants

By Vilhelm Konnander Polandian comments on how Norway supports various socio-economic projects in Poland and other Eastern and Central European states by its EEA & Norway Grants.

Vilhelm Konnander, 2010, June 17, Thursday

[Polandian] Norway funding Poland’s growth?

While taking a trip to visit my parents-in-law in their village about 1 hour from Kraków, we passed through many little towns and villages on the way. As we travelled, I noticed signs advertising a ‘Norway Grant’ and it seemed familiar to me. Finally, I remembered that it was also advertised on the makeover of […]

Decoy, 2010, June 16, Wednesday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] Russia and Ukraine: Ukraine City Lvov

Those arrested were released after they signed papers agreeing to emigrate to Poland, which postwar borders were shifted westwards leaving the city in the Soviet Union. It is estimated that from 100000 to 140000 Poles were resettled in …

dimakrozlovae, 2010, June 16, Wednesday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] As An EU Citizen, Can I Live Anywhere In Europe? – Emigration Law

If you’re an EU citizen, you have the right to live, work and study in any of the… – Emigration Law. … Categories: Emigration Law,; Employment Law,; England,; Immigration Law,; Northern Ireland,; Scotland,; Wales …

Robert Clarkson, 2010, June 16, Wednesday

[Polandian] Real beer discovered in Krakow

Three years I’ve lived here, and not once did anybody mention Pub Katedra to me. Three years. If I didn’t know you better, I’d suspect foul play. I have terrible thoughts of the whole of Poland smirking silently while I raved on about the impossibility of finding good beer in this country. You wouldn’t do […]

island1, 2010, June 13, Sunday

[Polandian] Polish-English Translation competition #4 (closed)

Exam periods, presidential campaigns, floods. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The author of Polandian PL->EN Translation Competition has absolutely no intention of sending you to early grave, he is just bending over backwards to make you scratch your heads over some peculiarities of both languages. This week’s stars are phrasal verbs. For Poles they […]

Bartek, 2010, June 08, Tuesday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Poland: Approaching presidential elections

By Vilhelm Konnander Polandian sums up the candidates for the June 20 Polish presidential elections with a twist on the country’s election system.

Vilhelm Konnander, 2010, June 06, Sunday

[Polandian] Polish Presidential Election 2010

Only 14 days left to make your minds up! Will Komorowski retain his lead or will a wave of sympathy and longing for a continuation of the Kaczyński dynasty give the second twin a peak? Can Komorowski get the magic 50% first time around or will the decisive vote end up being Independence Day in the USA? More importantly, is Jamie up to the task?

scatts, 2010, June 06, Sunday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Baltics: Any need for Baltic Sea cooperation

By Vilhelm Konnander Litauen writes about [GER] the Council of the Baltic Sea states and how this organization is becoming increasingly superfluous as basis for Baltic Sea cooperation.

Vilhelm Konnander, 2010, June 05, Saturday

[British In Poland] Combatting Power Outages

As many of you will know from my post about buying a generator I have a lot of problems with my electricity supplier Enion where I live.  In fact I have got so sick of constant power failures I have started to keep a log.  These are the entries so far for 2010: 5th Jan 2010 […]

Ben, 2010, June 04, Friday

[Polandian] Poland invented extreme sports

I’ve been poking around in old photo archives again. This time it was the truly fabulous Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe (National Digital Archive). I found a lot of extraordinarily interesting things, which I will undoubtedly inflict on Polandian readers in the near future, but I also found the answer to a question that’s been nagging away […]

island1, 2010, June 03, Thursday

[the beatroot] Smolensk crash and the Kook-meister (beatroot), 2010, May 31, Monday

[the beatroot] The election campaign, that never was (beatroot), 2010, May 27, Thursday

[British In Poland] UK TV in Poland – update

Just a quick follow up post regarding watching UK tv from Poland – rather than set up our own British in Poland dedicated server it works out even cheaper to just use the VPN services from a company called HideIP VPN. Their VPN service is marketed towards those people who want to mask their IP address […]

Ben, 2010, May 23, Sunday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Poland: Annual flood causes annual problems

By Vilhelm Konnander Michał of the Polski blog reflects upon the annual spring flood in Poland again submerging tracts of the country, and Polandian posts pictures from Kraków, the country’s second city, illustrating the situation.

Vilhelm Konnander, 2010, May 19, Wednesday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] Turkey Watch: Following in Poland’s EU footsteps raises problems

Poland has an even larger problem with its own population emigrating out of the country to countries in Western Europe. Many Polish laborers, mostly unskilled, work in Germany, the UK, and Ireland among others. …

Fadil Aliriza, 2010, May 17, Monday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Hungary: “UEFA Threatens to Bring Euro 2012 Matches to Hungary”

By Veronica Khokhlova reports that UEFA “has threatened to take away the four [Euro 2012] sites from Ukraine, and move two to Poland and two to Germany or yes, Hungary.”

Veronica Khokhlova, 2010, May 16, Sunday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Macedonia: Bloggers Celebrate 1945 Victory Over Fascism

Several Macedonian bloggers joined the May 9 celebration of victory over fascism in World War II.

Filip Stojanovski, 2010, May 13, Thursday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] CEE: Facebook Use Stats

By Veronica Khokhlova Worldwide Facebook statistics – at in Central & Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic has most users – 2,634,300 people, the country’s overall ranking is #29, penetration is 25.8%. It is followed by Poland (#31), which has 2,604,440 users, with 6.77% penetration. Serbia (#41) is CEE’s #3:…

Veronica Khokhlova, 2010, May 12, Wednesday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] What are the laws for emigrating TO Poland? — Mint

What are the laws for emigrating TO Poland? was posted on May 7th, 2010 at 12.28pm and is filed under Uncategorized. This entry has 2 comments. You can follow any responses through the RSS 2.0 Feed. …

admin, 2010, May 07, Friday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Transparency Projects in Central and Eastern Europe

There are a number of innovative projects in Central and Eastern Europe that use technology to promote transparency and hold leaders accountable, but a lack of political will has resisted implementing the reforms they seek. More cooperation through offline events could help.

Sylwia Presley, 2010, May 01, Saturday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Russia, Poland: The Truth About Katyn

By Veronica Khokhlova Steve Bandera of Kyiv Scoop writes about Andrzej Wajda’s 2007 film Katyń, which has been shown twice in Russia in the past few weeks (reactions from the Russian blogosphere are here) – and comments that the truth about the massacre is “only coming out now in the…

Veronica Khokhlova, 2010, April 22, Thursday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] UK: Krakow Funeral Broadcast in London’s Trafalgar Square

By Veronica Khokhlova Rosie Walunas writes that London’s Trafalgar Square “was nearly filled to capacity” on Sunday, as people gathered to watch TV Polonia’s coverage of the funeral of late Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria in Krakow. Mark Grigorian (LJ user markgrigorian) posts more photos from the…

Veronica Khokhlova, 2010, April 18, Sunday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Poland: Social Network Criticized for ‘Black Ribbon’ Gifting Option

Sylwia Presley translates online reactions to a new gifting option that a popular Polish social network has introduced this week: black ribbons.

Sylwia Presley, 2010, April 16, Friday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Georgia, Russia, Poland: Imedi-TV’s Kaczynski Controversy

By Veronica Khokhlova Giorgi Kvelashvili of Jamestown Foundation Blog writes that the fake news broadcast aired by a Georgian TV channel on March 15 did not contain mentions of Lech Kaczynski’s death in a plane crash – even though some recent Russian media reports claim otherwise.

Veronica Khokhlova, 2010, April 16, Friday

[Global Voices in English » Poland] Poland: Controversy Over Polish President’s Burial‎ Location

Today’s announcement that the Polish presidential couple, killed in the tragic aircraft accident over Smolensk last Saturday, would be buried in Krakow’s Wawel Castle has raised a lot of controversy. Sylwia Presley translates the views of some Polish Facebook members.

Sylwia Presley, 2010, April 13, Tuesday

[the beatroot] Kaczynski death – it was the Russians wot done it (beatroot), 2010, April 13, Tuesday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] WORLD REPORT 2010 – Poland — A Celebration of Women

He was alluding to the skills shortages that Poland is now experiencing as a result of emigration. Poland is regarded as one of the most successful of the new EU Member States, yet in common with other new market economies in Central …

admin, 2010, April 11, Sunday

[British In Poland] Warning about Ticks

My mother-in-law keeps warning me about “kleszcze” falling out of trees when we’re in the garden and yesterday I saw an ad on the telly about vaccinations from “kleszcze” illnesses so I finally decided to look up what this terribly scary “kleszcz” thing is in the dictionary.  To my disappointment it isn’t some kind of […]

Ben, 2010, March 25, Thursday

[British In Poland] Buying a Generator

Anybody who has lived for any period of time in Poland will have had some experience with power cuts.  For home owners like me who are out of the major towns they can be a real annoyance. Years of under investment and bureaucratic restrictions means that the majority of the electrical infrastructure is old and in […]

Ben, 2010, March 13, Saturday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] Occupations of Polish Immigrants to the U.S.: New Americans from

Polish immigrants helped fuel the expansion of farming and manufacturing across the country; noting their occupations can help genealogists trace their family history.

unknown, 2010, March 01, Monday

[British In Poland] UK TV via the Internet – Proxy Server

I mentioned in my post about watching UK TV from Poland that if enough people were interested I would set up a proxy server for us all.  As a few people said they were keen I have been in contact with UK Proxy Servers and we have got the following offer: £10 per month (including VAT) Unlimited […]

Ben, 2010, February 12, Friday

[British In Poland] Poland again refuses RHD cars

Over the last few days the news has been full of stories that Poland’s supreme administrative court (naczelny sąd administracyjny) ruled on the 27th of January 2010 that the minister of transport has lawful permission to refuse the registration of right-hand drive (RHD) vehicles. If you have read the story and comments on my earlier blog […]

Ben, 2010, January 29, Friday

[British In Poland] Watching British Television in Poland

A very common FAQ for new arrivals is ‘how can I watch [insert your favourite channel] from Poland?’ The answer is complicated so I thought I would write a few lines on the topic. Through Your Aerial Terrestrial channels such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc.. are transmitted via local transmission towers dotted around the UK and […]

Ben, 2010, January 26, Tuesday

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