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[History of Poland] Stalin’s Grand Design to Start World War II

Babinich: The question is whether Stalin was unable or unwilling. In my opinion both. 1jola They were also exporting grain while their citizens were going hungry. They used the money to pay for elec…

, 2010, January 03, Sunday

[Yellerbelly Abroad] Staying young

A little more snow fell overnight which meant the kids held us to our promise to take them sledging this morning. We chose a small (but steep) slope near to us on ul. Idzikowskiego where several thrill-seeking families had congregated for some downhill action. Looking around, it wasn’t too clear whether the adults were having […]

yellerbelly, 2010, January 03, Sunday


I am a little puzzled over the self-designation as a “Stalinist.” We usually refer to Stalinists as the persons who were part of the terror machine impossed by Stalin. A scientist, who liv…

, 2010, January 03, Sunday

[Yellerbelly Abroad] Eurasian Nuthatch

One of my favourite little birds, the Nuthatch (Sitta europaea) can be seen in parks and woodlands where there are plenty of tall trees, scuttling up and down the trunk in search of insects, nuts and seeds. In Łazienki Park, they are used to people and will feed from your hand quite easily. All types […]

yellerbelly, 2010, January 03, Sunday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] Presentation of Poland: eating habits « Polka On The Island: Blog

But since I found some countrymen in this here emigration, the nose-twisting has begun: – I don’t like jelly. – I don’t like cooked carrot. – I don’t like prunes. Funny thing is that while living in Poland I’ve done that myself numerous …

polkaontheisland, 2010, January 03, Sunday

[History of Poland] The Jewish nation was invented in th 19th century – says an Israeli historian.

joepilsudski: Koestler has never been ‘discredited’…By who?… Hammer, M. F.; A. J. Redd, E. T. Wood, M. R. Bonner, H. Jarjanazi, T. Karafet, S. Santachiara-Benerecetti, A. Oppenheim, M. A…

, 2010, January 02, Saturday

[History of Poland] Have Poles blood on their hands? 🙂

vetala I’m waiting ////////////?/ and adm types do not dare to delate this post!!!1

, 2010, January 02, Saturday

[History of Poland] Life in communism vs democracy in Poland

king polkakamon: They were forced by the Americans to do that. Who forced who into what?

, 2010, January 02, Saturday

[History of Poland] Jews sent to Polish concentration camp March 1938!!!

sjam: Although some have argued that the Maze prison holding IRA prisoners became a concentration camp but I am not so sure it was. irish republicans often refer to the camps set up during the Internm…

, 2010, January 02, Saturday

[Yellerbelly Abroad] Nowe Miasto (New Town)

The other side of the Old Town Square to Plac Zamkowy near the Barbakan (below) and the light design changes. Lamp posts are made to mirror trees with branches lit up and strips of vertical flashing light have been added to simulate icicles. The twin spires of Paulinów Church frame the background. The festive spirit […]

yellerbelly, 2010, January 02, Saturday

[Uzar News] Private Universities Overlook Research

Although Poland has three times more non-public universities than public ones, only few of them are engaged in research activity. Dziennik Polski writes that most of the private institutions of higher education are chiefly focussing on admissions of students and opening new faculties.

trancelator, 2010, January 02, Saturday

[Yellerbelly Abroad] Konstancin-Jeziorna

To the south of Warsaw lies the town of Konstancin-Jeziorna, known as the residental area of choice before the war for Warsaw’s famous artists and celebrities. It has now become one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods in Warsaw and huge houses (some more along the lines of palaces!) and manicured lawns have sprung amongst the forest. […]

yellerbelly, 2010, January 02, Saturday

[Yellerbelly Abroad] New Year’s Day in the Park

Having a small amount to drink on New Year’s Eve has its advantages. The snow came in overnight and this morning there was a good 3-4 inches on the ground and very few people around to disturb it. By the time we had a leisurely breakfast, wrapped the boys up well and drove to Łazienki, […]

yellerbelly, 2010, January 01, Friday

[emigration poland – Google News] Kant on War – CounterPunch

Kant on WarCounterPunchThe logic of the conflict thus leads to the conclusion that Palestinians have to somehow disappear, by enclosing them behind high walls, by emigration, …

, 2010, January 01, Friday

[History of Poland] Polish-German alliance.

Sokrates: Yeah especially when Normans pwned the Brits Can you read? I have written the “BRITISH ISLES”, as in the land and not the people….
[time means]

, 2010, January 01, Friday

[Yellerbelly Abroad] Explosions over Warsaw

2010 was welcomed with bangs and screeches as thousands of fireworks were let off simultaneously across the city. This is the view towards the city centre about 12:20 this morning. Fireworks were released from balconies, car parks, rooftops and gardens as people celebrated the new year. I think for most people, 2009 was a year of […]

yellerbelly, 2010, January 01, Friday

[Ukrainiana] Snow Queen Tymoshenko Celebrates New Year on Maidan

She wants to rekindle the honeymoon spirit of 2005.PM/presidential candidate Tymoshenko: Five, four, three, two, one, start! Hahaha! [fireworks explode as everyone sings Ukraine’s anthem]We celebrated New Year 2005 with her and Yushchenko on Maidan — after the Orange Revolution — so in love with everything they promised.Now, what did we achieve in 2009? We launched the biggest hydroelectric power station in the Europe. We made the Top 3 grain exp… (Taras), 2010, January 01, Friday

[Yellerbelly Abroad] A City of Light

With the onset of New Year’s Eve and no specific plans for a change, we thought we would visit the Old Town to see this year’s Christmas lights. Much the same as last year; Nowy Swiat, Krakowskie Przedmieście and Plac Zamkowy were bathed in light with thousands of bulbs placed on trees and on lamp […]

yellerbelly, 2009, December 31, Thursday

[History of Poland] Czas Honoru

Rogalski: Any opinions about the programme? I really enjoyed the few episodes I watched.

, 2009, December 31, Thursday

[Yellerbelly Abroad] Holy dwarves in costume, Batman!!

Does history repeat itself? 25 years ago, there were two little boys dressed in similar costumes tearing up the house as superheroes, saving the day in every room where a pretty young lady (my sister) needed saving from the evil clutches of the sneaky, evil-doer known as “daddy”. It’s surprising how much fun can be […]

yellerbelly, 2009, December 30, Wednesday

[Global Voices Online » Poland] Lithuania: Buying Lithuanian (in Poland)

With a Grain of Druska reports on the Delphi portal users’ “quotation of the year” choice: “I follow the slogan ‘buy Lithuanian products’, but I buy them in Poland. There Lithuanian products are about half the price.”

Veronica Khokhlova, 2009, December 30, Wednesday

[Uzar News] Can Polish Football Get Any Worse?

The overall performance of the national team is top priority because it attracts the attention of all fans, and the team’s results have a tremendous effect on our mood. It is rather impractical to compare the qualifying rounds of today to the ones of past years but let’s do it anyway. The amateurs of San […]

grzegorz laskowski, 2009, December 30, Wednesday

[History of Poland] Poland: Her heroes and her traitors

Yes, ideal situations are rare, but that was the protocol to be followed.

, 2009, December 30, Wednesday

[Uzar News] Eco- and Wallet-Friendly Home

It is rather unfortunate that the participants of the climate conference recently held in Copenhagen could not reach an agreement on the very crucial issue of C02 emissions. Instead of looking to world leaders for advice and guidance there are certain things we can do ourselves in order to address the global warming issue, help […]

grzegorz laskowski, 2009, December 30, Wednesday

[Ukrainiana] Yanukovych Promises to Punish His Woman Beaters

No, Shufrych didn’t do it. Some other fellas did.Woman: Yatsenko Lyudmyla Stepanivna here. Mr. Yanukovych, I’m that woman who, 5 years ago, came showing you a League of Bila Tserkva Entrepreneurs pin and was asking for sound legislation. For that pin, your teammates at the time — when you lost in the first round — would pound me with their feet. They [later] switched to a different party…Yanukovych: I’d like to ask you — I’d very much like to a… (Taras), 2009, December 30, Wednesday

[Global Voices Online » Poland] Poland, China: Lack of Response to Akmal Shaikh’s Case

Polandian writes about Poland’s lack of response to the execution of Akmal Shaikh in China: “[…] Akmal spent quite some time in Poland, was married to a Pole and is survived by two Polish children. The question was therefore raised as to why Poland did not join in the call for clemency? […] Poland remained […]

Veronica Khokhlova, 2009, December 29, Tuesday

[Uzar News] We Will Have Our Own Dr House

There are some issues that are no longer considered taboo in Polish sitcoms – homosexuals, the handicapped and AIDS testing, to name a few. Nevertheless, TV stations still avoid certain topics… The world of Polish sitcoms is a world of women. Certainly not by accident as it is women who constitute between 53%-68% of all […]

grzegorz laskowski, 2009, December 29, Tuesday

[emigration poland – Google News] Immigrants, infants and grey Britain – Times Online

Immigrants, infants and grey BritainTimes OnlineIn last year’s record emigration figures, the ever-popular Australia took the lead. But in second place came Poland. The 69000 returners suggest that the …

, 2009, December 29, Tuesday


Nathan: Who are these hundreds? Take a look around you boy. Stop looking at only your own congregation. Do some research, you will know that it’s the vast majority. And stop this nonsense conspir…

, 2009, December 29, Tuesday

[History of Poland] Who Deserves Credit for the 1989 Revolution?

There is a good reason that people consider the defining moment of the communist revolt the tearing down of the wall. Germany was always a big player, in Australia we knew a lot about Germany, no doub…

, 2009, December 29, Tuesday

[Polandian] Akmal Shaikh

As we are relatively unexposed to the dog-with-a-bone type media coverage of the UK, we might be forgiven for not having a clue who 53 year old Akmal Shaikh, who was executed this morning, was. Mr Shaikh is the first EU national to be executed in China in more than 50 years. If you want […]

Scatts, 2009, December 29, Tuesday

[History of Poland] 64th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

Nathan: I just show you that you are as dirty as everybody else, take you down from the fluffy clouds and put with the face where we all belong 🙂 …take us down from the fluffy clouds but only to …

, 2009, December 28, Monday

[Uzar News] More Unemployed Graduates

The situation on the Polish labour market is getting worse. According to the latest estimates of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) there are 183,000 graduates who do not have a job. Thus, there are 66,000 more unemployed youngsters than a year ago. There are over 400,000 unemployed Poles at the age of 25 or younger, […]

mkornacka, 2009, December 28, Monday

[Uzar News] Layoffs Almost Over

Nowadays only casual labourers, recent university graduates and former emigrants are signing up at unemployment offices. According to data provided by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), in November of this year 1,811,000  people were registered at unemployment offices. In spite of the fact that the figure has increased from last year, labour market experts believe […]

grzegorz laskowski, 2009, December 28, Monday

[Uzar News] Adamek: Arreola On My Mind

Tomasz Adamek will fight Chris Arreola on April 24 next year, and this might be a stepping stone to a duel against a world champion, possibly even Wladimir Klitschko. The fight will be the main event of the Boxing Fight Championship evening to be broadcast on HBO. Arreola, a Mexican by birth, was considered a […]

grzegorz laskowski, 2009, December 28, Monday

[Ukrainiana] Medvedev Wants Ukraine to ‘Make the Right Choice’

If you’re a sovereign nation that neighbors Russia, you can count on a biiiiig Christmas wish list! Q: Who is our Russian candidate in…uh…the course of this presidential campaign in Ukraine, if anyone?Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: Ha…well…uh…it’s probably Viktor Andreyevich* Yushchenko, if we proceed from the notion that the bul…the bulk of…uh…my…uh…statements on the Ukrainian subject coming from me…from me were in connec… (Taras), 2009, December 28, Monday

[History of Poland] What if scenario´s for WW2 and Poland

Sokrates: Ahh! Wielka Rzeczpospolita! I love this site, so funny.

, 2009, December 27, Sunday

[History of Poland] Ukraine exposes Katyn executioners

Thanks, Joe.

, 2009, December 26, Saturday

[Uzar News] Rostowski Preparing Miracle

“Those same politicians and economists who were heralding a complete economic breakdown last year are now spreading panic all over again,” says Jacek Rostowski, Minister of Finance, in his letter to Gazeta Wyborcza. In 2010 Poland’s debt will reach PLN 740 billion or approximately PLN 20,000 per person. Rostowski admits that the debt is nearly […]

grzegorz laskowski, 2009, December 26, Saturday

[History of Poland] 100 Zloty from 1988 bill as Xmas gift question

]pawian: The value of the present is high if the man collects such stuff. Certainly under 10 zł or 3 dollars. Poor choice of a bank note …

, 2009, December 26, Saturday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] Bharat Book Bureau :: Spirits in Poland :: December :: 2009

Increasing emigration produces contrasting effects. Low urbanisation levels limit the expansion of on-trade. Increasing retail and warehouses consolidation. Multinationals gaining share. To know more and to buy a copy of your report …

Administrator, 2009, December 25, Friday

[Uzar News] Baby Boom Coming

The Warsaw demographic explosion is imminent. In 2009 the number of births in the capital was twice as high as at the beginning of the decade. We are closing in on the records of the 1980s. In 2000 about 11,700 babies were born in Warsaw. Based on data provided by the Central Statistical Office (GUS), […]

grzegorz laskowski, 2009, December 25, Friday

[Global Voices Online » Poland] Slovakia: Coal That Does Not Burn

Tibor Blazko writes about Slovaks being fooled into buying coal from Poland that does not burn, but not taking legal action to fight fraud, and translates a few comments that show how differently Slovaks view what has happened.

Tibor Blazko, 2009, December 25, Friday

[emigration poland – Google Blog Search] Eurostat: Romania leads top emigration countries in EU – ACTmedia

Eurostat: Romania leads top emigration countries in EU ACTmedia. Romania is followed by Italy with 1.3 million emigrants or 11%, and Poland with 1.2 million citizens or 11%. Among the citizens of countries outside the … …

leeanna, 2009, December 24, Thursday

[Uzar News] Merry Chrimbo from Newzar

Holiday time! The Newzar team would like to wish all our wonderful readers a particularly Merry Christmas and festive holiday period. May all your Yuletide dreams come true, may you all be healthy, hearty and happy. Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas. Love and Peace, The Newzar Team

Raf Uzar, 2009, December 24, Thursday

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