a Cracoviak suit

I had to train a Google Groups Search  Engine in order to get any results. 10 times. Was it temporarily down ❓

Search this group still does not work.

I had to use Search all groups Engine. It definitely needs a health reform. Something fishy is going on with groups.

In the meanwhile WordPress blog search works here like a charm ➡ Search Results cracoviak « Independent Polonia

szkoły liderów polonijnych ameryki północnej

Forum Polonia –  Liczba postów: 2  –  Liczba autorów: 2  – Ostatni post:  26 Maj

it’s a cracoviak suit. yeah, but look at this stupid funny looking hat? ain’t
gonna put no outfit like that on me, no frigging way mom!

There is some more trouble with Google searches on blogger

Is this blog insidiously flagged by WSI again? What happened to Search This Blog here?

Szukaj w tym blogu Web Safety Testing Results

Back in 2004 this blog was flagged as a spammer – I guess it had too many links in it.

BTW how come Opera is twice as fast as Firefox with WordPress  ❓


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