At the end of 1993 my Polish friends informed me that the Polish Government was planning to set the date for expiration for any claims against the crimes of former PRL for May 1994.

To avoid the expiration of my rights, on October 20th, 1993 I sent an application for revision of my case held in 1981/83 by Polish military courts to the Military Chamber of the Supreme Court in Warsaw. This first letter triggered a following history of events:

On February 17th, 1994 I received, via the Polish Consulate in Sydney, correspondence from the Supreme Court containing 3 documents: – 1/ A letter, dated November 23rd, 1993, informing me that my case had already been revised (without my knowledge) on January 21st, 1992, that I was represented by my former barrister A.M. (this information was false)who was responsible for keeping me informed and that my claim for compensation should be submitted to the Court of Navy which convicted me ; 2/ A copy of the extraordinary revision, submitted by the Chairman of the Military Chamber, dated October 12th,1991; 3/ A copy of the verdict of the Military Chamber of Supreme Court, dated January 21st, 1992, stating that my conviction and imprisonment were unlawful, because the decree of martial law was not legalized at the time when I was arrested.

On April 7th, 1994 I sent, as recommended by the Supreme Court, by registered letter, the summon demanding compensation for unlawful imprisonment, together with associated documents, to the Court of Navy in Gdynia. I did not receive any answer – no confirmation, no registration data, no answer to the submitted demands.

On October 17th,1994 I sent a letter to the European Commission of Human Rights In Strasbourg, France, describing the case. It was followed by my formal application on the supplied by Commission form, which I sent on March 23rd,1995.

On November 29th, 1995 the Commission requested explanations from the Polish Government, setting the due date at February 16th, 1996. Next, this due date was extended three times by the Commission and consecutively set at February 29th,1996 ; March 25th, 1996 and April 22nd, 1996. The Polish Government failed to meet any of the due dates.

via DO_I_STILL_FIGHT_? by Miroslaw Krupinski


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