Descendant of Polish ancestor

The official information on how descendants of Polish Nationals
proceed to firstly confirm citizenship and then secure a passport is
given below.

If you wish to pursue the matter further I suggest you contact me
directly at consul@…




Please kindly note that to obtain a Polish passport by a descendant
of Polish ancestor it will be necessary for an individual concerned
to apply for confirmation of Polish citizenship.


The application forms which you can get in the Polish Consulate
should be completed and supported by three passport size
photographs*, a signed biography of the person applying for the
confirmation, her/his identity card (ie. Passport along with
Certificate of Naturalisation or Certificate of Registration, Travel
Document, Alien Registration Certificate), the original of the birth
certificate in its extended version (showing the details concerning
both parents), in case of women marriage certificate, marriage
certificate of parents, as well as signed and dated declaration to
the effect: whether the person concerned did acquire foreign
nationality, and if so when, and: did the person concerned approach
Polish authorities with a view of being released from Polish
citizenship and if so when, where and with what result.

It is also necessary to produce the originals of the Polish birth or
marriage certificate of the Polish ancestor as well as birth and
marriage certificates of ancestors born outside Poland linking you
with the ancestor born in Poland.

All paperwork needs to be prepared in Polish language only, and an
initial fee of 30 GBP should be sent with all the documents prepared.

Please kindly note, that all foreign documents of vital statistics
should be produced in the original form. All paperwork needs to be
prepared in Polish language only. Please kindly note that the
documents of vital statistics require to be translated into Polish.
This should be done by a sworn translator only. The documents issued
outside Poland require additional confirmation by the Embassies of
the issuing state and the Foreign Office, before being accepted by
this office.

Please kindly note, that this office reserves the right to request
additional documents and information where necessary and to
introduce additional fees when applicable.

Polish as well as British law on citizenship provides for a dual
nationality although in certain professions authorities of both
countries require for an individual concerned to hold only their

Please kindly note that according to Polish law, Poland as the place
of birth of individual only under limited conditions is a factor
which determine her/his eligibility for Polish citizenship.

Please apply for the required number of sets of forms.

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