My warmest thanks to the great folks at WordPress support

for fixing my categories.

In August 2008 I messed up my categories. Just after short 7 months of tinkering with it by myself I finally did click The Most Important Button At And voilà ❗ It’s fixed. The great folks at WordPress support did it in no time.

The fixed blog right away rose up through the ranks.

Background of my categories cathastrophe

    It simply happened while importing  posts from the Blogger. The Import brings all labels from the Blogger as categories. Supposedly there is a limit of nested categories in WordPress which is 12 – I did exceeded it by far reaching a number of 61 – nobody told me :mrgreen:
  • Just one click from deletion « Wychodźstwo: “If this blog is blocked out from tags pool, then I don’t want it. The same post goes nicely into tags pool from another blog, which means that Wychodźstwo code is all screwed up”

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