Guys something is really bugging me, and as a busy carpenter living in Poland, but working in Norway, I just don’t have the time to research this problem. Perhaps one of you might be interested. It’s called “za meldowania” probably not spelled correctly. It’s what all people must do when living in Poland. We all have to register with the government. They feel the need to keep track of where every adult lives at all times. I’ve been told, but not sure if it;s true, that Stalin actually started this system to keep close tabs on all citizens and have easy access to all in case he needed to quickley kill a few thousand people or ship them off to Siberia. Is it possible that Poland in 2009 is still useing an old communist system to track the address of every adult in Poland? And for what purpose? I am troubled by this. My Polish wife and I for some time have refused to regsister in protest. But find certain tasks impossible without this “zameldowania” paper . What’s the deal? Is this going on in other EU countries. In the US we are protected from such systems of tracking by the constitution, What do you know of this thing that bugs me about living in Poland?


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