Compulsory Citizens of the non-conscious kind

So, you were born outside of Poland, elsewhere in the world. But at least one of your parents or grandparents was Polish. You’ve never been to Poland – hell, you can’t even speak the language. Well, guess what? You’re a Polish citizen! And next time you travel to Poland you’d better have a Polish passport, or you could be in trouble with the law!!

Sounds absurd? It certainly does. But it also happens to be true. Yep, buddy, matey, pal, old chum – in the light of the current Polish law, you’re a Polak too. I know you hate flaczki (tripe) and you can barely stand the smell of Old Grandpa Jozek’s bimber (moonshine). It matters not. You’re a Polak.

via CyberExpress.


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