From “Cooptation” to “Negotiated Revolution”

The documents published below are among those
gathered by historians from the Institute of Political
Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences for the
international conference “Poland 1986-1989. The End of
the System,” held at Miedzeszyn near Warsaw on 21-23
October 1999 and co-organized with the National Security
Archive at George Washington University and the Cold
War International History Project. 1 They come from
several archives: those of the Polish Senate (Archiwum
Biura Informacji i Dokumentacji Senackiej), where a great
portion of the “Solidarity” documents from 1988-1989
were deposited; the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution,
and Peace at Stanford University, where several
leaders of the Polish Communist Party (PUWP) deposited
their papers; and private collections of former Solidarity
activists Andrzej Paczkowski, Andrzej Stelmachowski,
and Stanis»aw Stomma. With the exception of Document
No. 8,2 these documents have never been published.

Poland 1986-1989:
From “Cooptation” to “Negotiated Revolution”


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