Zbinio falandyzuje – publika łyka

Łyka z nieukrywaną satysfakcją i zadowoleniem.

Tylko jeden malkontent prawie się nie zgodził:
4. mieszko_the_first 2 lipca 2008 13:51

A nie. Nie chodzi o “caly” majatek tylko o pobranie podatku od wzbogacenia od majatku tak jakby byl on sprzedany. Roznica jest duza ale nie fundamentalna.

Zbinio[Korespondent.pl] Zrzekniesz się obywatelstwa – zabiorą ci ostatniego centa

17 czerwca w USA, oazie (propagandy) wolności i demokracji, wprowadzono prawo pozbawiające całego majątku każdego, kto dobrowolnie zrzeknie się obywatelstwa tego państwa.

, 2008, July 02, Wednesday

Detale są mniej sensacyjne – ale któż by przejmował się drobiazgami:

Posted By jerrycan Jul 2 6:18 AM

Thanks to loginwfp for posting the correct bill identification. According to this bill, as long as the ex-citizen has been filing his tax returns for the last five years, he is exempt from the expatriation tax if (A) the average annual net income tax (as defined in section 38(c)(1)) of such individual for the period of 5 taxable years ending before the date of the loss of United States citizenship is greater than $124,000, (B) the net worth of the individual as of such date is $2,000,000 or more, or (C) such individual fails to certify under penalty of perjury that he has met the requirements of this title for the 5 preceding taxable years or fails to submit such evidence of such compliance as the Secretary may require.

Posted By expat Jul 1 11:00 PM

I do not agree with any laws like this, however it does not come as a surprise. If you do some checking there are laws on the books NOW, backed up with a 1994 immigration law that states 2 things. If a person gives up their US citizenship, the US government assumes tax advoidence. So they have the RIGHT to take 50% of your assets (now this is 50% of your assets that you have after you have already paid taxes on it!), ban you from ever entering the US again and tax you for another 10 years. Too many people leaving, latest numbers that I heard was between 250,000 – 300,000 every year. The people can go, but don’t they want to keep your money!




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