Klasyka komedii filmowej: scena identifikacji Edwarda Mazura

Poniewaz pomimo moich nawolywan (np. http://wtemaciemaci.salon24.pl/46668,index.html#comment_699394 ), rzad Polski nadal nie zrobil nic by ochronic narodowa wlasnosc intelektualna i artystyczna dokonan ich Ministerstwa “Sprawiedliwosci” pod nieustraszonym przywodztwem ministra “Niezbite Dowody” Ziobro, to pozwolilem sobie wziac inicjatywe w moje rece (dodatkowo zainspirowany opublikowaniem tutaj scenki autorstwa Rev. Soup) i niniejszym zastrzec w imieniu polskiego rzadu prawa autorskie do fragmentu scenariusza komedii filmowej opartej na ich szczegolnie wybitnym osiagnieciu.

Czegoz to Polonia nie robi dla “Macierzy”?



Starting on the left side of the room with only background height marks, MOVING slowly to the RIGHT along the 5’3″ – 5’7″ lines. Accompanied by a slow and low pitch MUSICAL SCORE on a tuba. Passing CLOSE-UPS of two EXTRAS: round, worn out faces of SLAVIC PEASANT TYPES with a moustache a la Walesa and dressed in dreary Eastern European outfits. A CHEST of a much taller man, dressed in a RED JACKET and a nice blue business shirt ENTERS AND FILLS FRAME. MOVING UP to the 5’9 – 6’3″ lines while MUSICAL SCORE turns to a farsical fast high pitch piccolo. CLOSE-UP of the bespectacled, CLEAN-SHAVED, and wordly face of:


MOVING DOWN again to the 5’3″ – 5’7″ lines as MUSICAL SCORE goes back to slow tuba and MAZUR’s CHEST FILLS FRAME again. MOVING RIGHT as before to pass CLOSE-UP of yet another SLAVIC PEASANT TYPE who is shaking his head sideways pointing towards MAZUR.


Full view of the LINEUP: EDWARD MAZUR (6’2″) surrounded by much shorter (5’5-5’6″) SLAVIC PEASANT TYPES: two on the left and one on the right. MUSICAL SCORE ends with a low pitch drum BANG.

Copyright (C) 2007 Dr.007, on behalf of the government of the Republic of Poland.


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