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Under stress, the INTP can become very sensitive to criticism and blaming of others. His or her analytical power can become self-directed in intense self-hating episodes. These may then turn into attacks on others Enneagram On a quest for logical purity… motivated to examine universal truths and principles… always asking “Why?” and “Why not?”…can focus with great intensity on your interests… appreciate elegance and efficiency in thought processes and demand it in your communication… might appear low key in appearance and approach,  hard as nails when challenging a truth… don’t like to deal with the obvious…at  best when developing  unusual or complex ideas… can be an under- achieving but very capable student… if you don’t like a rule, you’re quick to challenge it and find flaws in it – this could make you somewhat of a rebel…if you like the rule, though, you have a respect for it and go along with it… Being secretive & isolated by definition,INTP won’t reveal much about himself, altough may spot right away any obfuscation on your part. Passionate debunker of 38 dirty tricks of spin doctors (aka fallacies) You like to read, think, watch TV, play with computers..(and post on the Storm Palace message bases).. sometimes you’d rather do these types of things than hang around other people.. you don’t necessarily like “best sellers” or “must see” movies because you don’t trust people’s opinion on what’s “popular” and would rather make a value judgment for yourself… Polish groups and webrings watcher, researching stupidity and interested in any definition of “discipline”.

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